Hi, I’m Jacques Correia and I think BIG

Few things about me

I had dabbled with computers from a young age and always had an interest in business, computers and science. This lead to an honours degree in Informatics and Chemistry, and ultimately to a career in research chemistry. Oddly enough I worked on the gasses used in the manufacture of computer chips. With a keen interest still remaining for computers, this drove me to change to a career in IT where I could develop solutions that improve processes as well as follow my ultimate passion.

Not believing in starting small, I partnered with a team that wanted to be high level consultants in a niche market. We created a solution methodology that allowed us to troubleshoot and deploy database management systems (specifically Pervasive SQL) that were used by most major ERP and accounting solutions at the time. These included ACCPACC, Great Plains, Macola, Solomons and of course the Pastel products. We quickly became the go to people for the industry and our clients were the resellers of all these products. We gained so much experience by working with other companies and learned from their success and failures.

The next step in our journey was a keen focus on the solutions implementation and development which ultimately lead to the development of a retail management solution for a large customer. The retail management solution came with many challenges, which included poor connectivity (LAN and WAN) and a never ending list of new customer requirements, but was successfully implemented within our own clients as well as for other Sage resellers throughout Africa. We were chosen above Sage’s own product by many resellers and became a force to be reckoned with. We won Sage South Africa’s developer of the year award and soon after Sage South Africa offered to purchase our solution. This was a difficult choice as we had to move into the corporate world and give up control of our solution. However, the time was right and the next chapter began.

At Sage I focused on the further development of the retail solution and ultimately incorporated the Sage ERP X3 local development team. We developed features so quickly that it became an unwritten understanding that, if asked for… it will just happen. However, any large solution that matures needs to slow down development and be reviewed in its entirety in order to stay current with technology and customer expectations – a process which is very difficult and comes with many risks. Sage ERP X3 brought its own challenges and experiences, however due to a built in development stack that allowed consultants and developers to promise almost anything, the growth of the market was massive.

Ultimately I prefer the challenges of the entrepreneurial space and when the opportunity to consult independently arose, I grabbed it with both hands. I currently provide services to Sage around the retail solutions as well as to many Sage business partners.

Through a mutual contact I met Chris and started providing software development and design advice to Capisol. Soon I took over all development and worked closely with the company to achieve successful go lives at various customers. The company had a product that I believed and had a great team. I decided to invest in Capisol and took a share of the business, fulfilling the Solutions Architect role. Bringing vast experience in ERP integrations and business processes combined with low foot print development experience has allowed us to develop efficient and robust solutions.

Like what you see? Let’s make something together!

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