A holistic solution to digitalise your business

A pay per use, pure cloud solution for the digitalisation of businesses documentation processes and distribution.

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A holistic solution to digitalise your business
A pay per use, pure cloud solution for the digitalisation of businesses documentation processes and distribution.
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Scanned & Linked documents – cloud stored
Scan from anywhere, documents are automically linked to related and stored securely in the cloud.
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Embrace sustainability – go paperless
Without losing control of your business operations.
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How does it work?

Implementation is simple and quick (no Capex required) with read-only integration into your ERP system, like Sage, Syspro, SAP, etc. Data and documents are securely archived into the cloud automatically. No hardware required to run Capisol. You simply pay as you use monthly (SaaS) and can cancel anytime.

Who should use Capisol?

Companies that are looking to adopt best practices and need their information and documentation to be secure, compliant and centrally accessible — from any device, any time, anywhere. Improve cash flow and business efficiency with automated distribution flows. Save on communication, printing and storage costs, as well as precious time and keep your data secure from floods or fire.

Why now?

In the current times of remote work, most businesses are struggling with managing document flow and accessibility to documents for employees. Data protection laws are encouraging companies to adopt best practices and ensure documents and data are correctly controlled and accessed.

Want to see the power of Capisol? Watch the short videos below.


Scanning of delivery documents to the cloud


Email automation and linking of documents

What Our Clients Say

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Average: 4.7

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Easy Efficient Digitalisation

Capisol is a leading provider of integrated cloud document solutions. We believe that it is not just about going digital but ensuring that you receive value and improve your business by taking the step into the digital space.

With direct integration to accounting programs, the solutions enable automation of document generation and seamless secure distribution flows. Customers benefit from digitalised business processes that normally consume employees valuable time. 

Capisol enables improved monthly cash flow, staff efficiency and reduces communication costs.

We partner with you to help you drive your business forward and mature into a paperless and digital operation without the hassle of changing accounting systems.

We provide compliance for tax requirements on distributed documents and assist you to adopt best practices for data privacy and protection.

  • Batch scan documents from anywhere to enable auto splitting and linking in the cloud. 
  • Documents are auto distributed securely to recipients with detailed audit tracking.
  • All documents are safely archived in the cloud for easy and fast retrieval on any device. 
  • Improve your cash flow by automating your credit to cash cycle by leveraging the easy efficiency within the Capisol cloud.
  • The Flow engine manages the life-cycle of your documents and data providing visibility and control over your document processes.
  • Mobile integration allows documents to be efficiently delivered directly to consumers mobile devices via SMS.
  • Tired of losing POD’s and struggling to collect your debt? Integrated Electronic Proof of Delivery, enables signing on a mobile device with automatic upload to the cloud and linking to related documents.
  • Configurable web and mobile forms enable you to engage with your vendors to gather data and allow them to securely upload required documents direct into Capisol.
  • Integrated signing engine allows for digital approval or signing of documents with traceability of the document in the flow within or outside of your organisation. Eliminate printing and scanning of contracts.

What makes Capisol different?

Capisol has a secure cloud-based document management system at its core that ensures documents are archived securely in the cloud enabling you to adopt best practices for data protection and empower your remote employees. 

Whilst the storage of the documents is important, Capisol focuses on the business process that surrounds your documents and provides solutions to digitalise and automate where possible. We offer a holistic solution that allows you to engage with external parties securely through automatic secure distribution with linking of supporting documents through secure interactive links on distributed documents.

Let us help you optimise your business and adopt best practices for your documents.

Batch scanning, auto-splitting & linking

of documents from anywhere

Control your document lifecycle from anywhere

Empower your staff and engage with your customers using a powerful cloud platform that enables remote work and provides compliance and assists you to adopt best practices.

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