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The Golden Process of Cash Collections

The Golden Process of Cash Collections For businesses, an essential part of successful operation and growth is ensuring that customer payments are collected timeously. Without customer payments, a business will cease to exist. A successful organization collects more than it … Read More

Paving the road to digital transformation

Paving the road to digital transformation The go live date for POPIA has come and gone but it does not mean you can forget about ongoing compliance. There may have been some questions and frustrations as to why we needed … Read More

What is POPI or POPIA

What is POPI or POPIA and what does it mean for me?   The terms have been used frequently over the past few years but there is great confusion over what it entails and what the difference between the two … Read More

Paperless business, the future?

It’s not the first time you’ve heard the idea – a paperless business. It’s been on the tip of every business owner’s tongue for some time now, and with COVID becoming a sudden reality and changing the way we work … Read More

Proof-of-Delivery Process Management And Automation Vital to Improve Businesses’ Cash flow

On average, an accountant spends 25-30% of their time looking for documentation to resolve queries, or resending documents to customers to ensure payment is made. By utilising technology to automate the control and distribution of invoices and linked statements, companies … Read More

Capisol forges excellent client relationship with Stalcor

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is not a new concept, however it continues to revolutionise the software industry – and the delivery thereof – with increased emphasis and focus on client service. Capisol, a proudly local developer and provider of an integrated, cloud-native, … Read More

The tall ‘POPIA’ syndrome: stand out from the crowd by preparing your financial document management system for POPIA now!

The Protection of Public Information Act (POPIA) is not yet in effect, but the final POPIA regulations were signed into law in November 2018, with all indications that the Act will shortly become effective. Although there is a 12 month … Read More

Switching to cloud-native document automation saves costs and improves cash flow

Approximately 25-30% of accountants’ time is taken up searching for documents. However, the old adage that ‘time is money’ is more relevant today than ever before. One area where most companies can quickly lower operational and financial cost, risk and … Read More

How Capisol Software’s cloud-native platform can put your business’s cash flow a ‘click above the rest

Since its inception, thinking outside the box in order to solve the cash flow challenges faced daily by accountants, FDs and CFOs has been at the very core of Capisol Software’s innovative business model. This is according to Christopher de … Read More

Making a safe move to cloud-based document management with Capisol Software – automate business processes, increase efficiency and reduce cybersecurity risks

As the trusted provider of an integrated, cloud-native, document management platform for businesses in a wide range of industries, Capisol Software is very well acquainted with the realities of cybersecurity attacks in today’s business environment. Although their main service is … Read More