Welcome to our integrated cloud-based document management platform…

Cloud-native, quick to implement, trusted, safe and secure

Enjoy the financial and operational convenience of our ‘software as a service’ (SaaS) solutions

Connect with your customers in a whole new way

Put your core business back in your own hands with powerful, simple, business process automation and digitisation

Enjoy the benefits of increased business efficiency and improved cash flow

Who and what is Capisol?

Capisol Software is owner-managed and operated, a small but vastly experienced and dynamic team, which is passionate about business efficiency and business process automation.

It is a remarkably simple yet also powerful, integrated, cloud-native business process automation platform.Our software seamlessly and securely integrates into your existing ERP system to effortlessly take over the management, storage and secure distribution of your documents.

Innovative Platform

This innovative platform automatically distributes your documents with SARS and ECT Act compliance and empowers you to give your clients one-click access to all supporting documents in POPI and GDPR-compliant format.

The result is vastly improved business efficiency and, ultimately, increased cash flow.

Simple Implementation

Best of all – no major financial barriers-to-implement.

Our Software as a Service (SaaS) model allows for simple and free implementation – only pay for what you use with no contract obligations.

Simple and effective – it just makes sense!

Why Choose Capisol?

Are you tired of chasing after delayed payments?

Searching for documents? Resending invoices?

Is your data securely backed up?

Our locally developed, groundbreaking, document management platform takes care of cumbersome administrative tasks,

placing you ‘a click above the rest’.

Use your time and resources to grow your own core business, while documents and data are processed smoothly, seamlessly and automatically in the background.

We put the power back in your hands – it’s that simple!

Cloud based scanning engine for effective document management

Scan from any location, scan in batches – documents are stored securely in the cloud and are automatically matched…

Intelligent mobile communication platform

Documents are sent to recipients on their cellphones. Mobile or web forms capture data and user can sign direct on a device……

Automated delivery of secure linked documents

Automatically email documents with single-click linked access to all supporting documentation…

Worry-free, secure, cloud-based document storage

All documents are automatically backed up to the cloud and securely stored for five years. Documents can be accessed from anywhere…

Secure and convenient digital signature management

Digital sign any document fast and effectively from any location directly from your PC, tablet or phone. With integrated workflow…

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