The Complete Cloud Based Document Solution

Our tailored solutions interact seamlessly to form an all-in-one, packaged and integrated cloud-based document management platform as follows:

Cloud based scanning engine for effective document management

Scan from any location, scan in batches – documents are stored securely in the cloud.  POD’s are automatically matched with corresponding invoices.  Easy document retrieval with auto-index functionality.  No software installation required.

  • Scan From Any Location
  • Scan In Batches & Automatically Split Into Individual Pages
  • Multi Index Functionality For Easy Search & Retrieval
  • Auto Index To Link To Corresponding Documents
  • No Software Installation Required

  • Auto Emailing Document Distribution
  • All Supported Documents Are Linked
  • Automatic Reconciliation To Identify Any 'Lost' Documents
  • Exception Reporting: Identifies Errors & Missing Email Address
  • Trace & Track Functionality Provides A Full Audit Trail
  • Immediate Notification Of Email Bounce, ETC

Automated delivery of secure linked documents

Automatically email documents with single-click linked access to all supporting documentation.  Documents are securely sent in LDF (Locked Document Format) to flagged recipients.  Seamless integration into your existing ERP system to deliver documents in a SARS, POPI, ECT act and GDPR-compliant format, traceable with a full audit trail.

Errors, exceptions and bounces are intelligently identified and reported.

Worry-free, secure, cloud-based document storage

All documents are automatically backed up to the cloud and securely stored for five years. Documents can be accessed from anywhere via the mobile enabled web portal. Complex indexing and cross-referencing allow for exception reporting and easy retrieval. User-controlled access at document level keeps your data safe. All data is obfuscated in compliance with the data protection guidelines.

  • Safe & Secure Cloud Based Electronic Document Archive Service
  • Access From Anywhere
  • 5 Year Storage Period (Can Be Extended)
  • Exception Reporting (Missing Delivery Notes)
  • Integrates To Onsite System Via Capilink
  • User Controlled Access At Document Level
  • Complex Indexing & Cross Referencing

  • Mobile App Allowing Notification To Individuals While On The Go
  • Seamlessly Integrates Into Capilink- For Auto Document Distribution
  • Guaranteed Delivery: Defaults To SMS If Recipient Does Not Have The App
  • Fully Customisable & White Labelled To Enable Branded Messaging
  • Increased Security & Reduced Costs, Compared To SMS Communication

Intelligent mobile communication platform

Documents are sent to customers on their cellphones via app or sms, seamlessly integrated with the CapiLink system, and offering increased security with reduced costs. 

Delivery planning and scheduling allows electronic delivery notes to be pushed to a drivers mobile device. The sign-on-glass feature allows for signatures directly on mobile devices and automatic syncing back to Capisol. No printing or scanning of delivery notes and instant notification of completed deliveries.

Web and mobile forms with workflow facilitate automation of any business process.

Secure and convenient digital signature management

Digital sign any document fast and effectively from any location directly from your PC, tablet or phone. With integrated workflow control and tracking you can always be sure where the document is in the signing process.

Fully Integrated with CapiDoc™ ensures signed documents are efficiently and automatically securely archived in the cloud for retrieval from anywhere.

  • Paper Reduction - Signed Electronic Documents are emailed for instant signature. No paper, printing, scanning or filing required.
  • Fully Compliant - Digital Signatures are fully compliant with all major electronic and cryptographic signature laws, including ECT Act & POPI Act.
  • Highest Level Of Security - Digital Signatures are created using a cryptographic operation that creates a hash-code unique to both the signer and the content. This cannot be forged, copied or tampered with.
  • Increased Mobility - CapiSign™ enables internal and external signers to digitally approve or sign documents anywhere and from any device within minutes.








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