The Complete Cloud Based Document Solution

CapiScan is a cloud based scanning engine that facilitates all document formats scanned from any location.  Scan in batches, while the engine automatically splits into individual pages and matches them with corresponding invoices. Users are able to add indices for easy search and retrieval with cross referencing to additional documents, like a signed contract. All indices are verified against source data where possible to limit user error. No software installation required.

Capilink is a specialised mass mailing service that auto-emails all documentation in secure LDF (Locked Document) format to flagged recipients. All documents are automatically linked to supporting documents, so should your client have a query on a statement, they can simply click on the invoice number to view an invoice in question or any further supporting documents like signed POD’s.

CapiLink integrates into accounting systems and automatically reconciles to identify any documents not distributed to recipients. Exception reporting allows users to easily identify accounts without email addresses or errors in their captured addresses.

CapiDoc provides an electronic document archive service to store documents safely and securely in the cloud for a period of 5 years, making them accessible anywhere, anytime. 

All documents processed in your ERP, are automatically backed up to the cloud, so it does not rely on a user to drag and drop or manually save documents to the cloud.  All documents and file names are encrypted in compliance with the POPI Act.

CapiConnect is a mobile communication platform that notifies individuals via their mobile phone. To ensure guaranteed delivery the platform defaults to SMS, if recipients do not have the app installed.

The fully customisable white label platform enables branded messaging, increased security and reduced costs when compared to SMS communication. No additional business resources needed. Users can immediately opt out of irrelevant marketing or spam messaging if they wish.








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