Cloud Based
Document Storage

CapiDoc provides an electronic document archive service to store documents safely and securely in the cloud so that they are accessible anywhere and at any time. Documents are stored by default for a period of five years however this period can be extended as required.

All system documentation is automatically uploaded to CapiDoc via the CapiLink interface and does not require a user to drag and drop or manually save documents to the cloud. Additional documentation (e.g. signed POD’s, contracts, etc) can be scanned and saved to the document archive utilising the CapiScan service.

All documents and file names are encrypted and can be securely viewed via the Capisol portal. Access to the portal can be set up at a document level ensuring that only authorised personnel can view or interact with stored information.

Exception reporting allows users to quickly identify missing documents (e.g. invoices with no POD).

Christopher de ZeeuwCapiDoc