Don’t be caught unaware in 2015

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Best you start emailing your documents.

It looks like the postal service is slowly being restored and the backlog might be cleared before Christmas however this dispute is far from over. The reprieve seems temporary for the public as CWU is still requesting a wage hike or they will go back on strike in January.
Ultimately this will result in either an increase in postal fees for consumers or further disrupted services.

Companies are being forced to find alternate mechanisms of delivering their invoices to customers in order to ensure they are paid on time. The seemingly obvious choice of emailing your documents is not as simple as one first expects and there are some strict SARS and ECT (Electronic Communications and Transactions) Act regulations that a company needs to comply with.

Unfortunately most accounting systems do not meet the requirements and an invoice emailed direct from the system is not a valid tax invoice.

Sadly this forces companies to print and post their invoices or with the current postal service they are required to manually deliver the documents if they wish to be paid.

While the postal service is temporarily being restored it does not appear that all is resolved and it is highly probable that we will have further disruptions early next year.

Successful companies will seek alternate delivery methods for their invoices and an emailed invoice is the most efficient and cost effective manner of sending out such invoices.

An emailed invoice is 100% valid if all the requirements of the Acts are in place.

Contact us if you are looking to be one of the successful companies in 2015 not impacted by the inevitable postal service disruptions. (

JOHANNESBURG – The South African Post Office (Sapo) says it will continue discussions with unions to find a lasting solution to the labour unrest at the parastatal.
The four-month long strike, which was suspended by the Communication Workers Union (CWU) yesterday, brought the state entity to its knees.

The post office’s Lungile Lose says the organisation is now fully operational following the suspension of the strike.

Sapo says it will take just over three weeks to clear mountains of mail.
Earlier, the parastatal’s Simo Lushaba told Eyewitness News while they’re encouraged by the end of the strike, they will no longer tolerate any interruptions to its operations by wildcat strikers.

Meanwhile, the CWU says it will continue pursuing a 7.5 percent wage hike and fight for casual employees to be made permanent.

The decision by the union to put the strike on hold followed an ultimatum from Sapo management demanding that employees return to work or face being fired.

CWU’s Clyde Mervin said it will continue talks with the parastatal, and if a final agreement cannot be reached, it will continue with the strike in January.

“If a final agreement isn’t reached, we’ll have a full blown strike by January.”