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We are experiencing an increasing demand for customers to move paperless with a growing interest being expressed to move full electronic and utilise an electronic POD where a customer is required to sign on a mobile device of sorts and no documents are printed within the business.

Fortunately for businesses in SA this increased demand is making new technology more accessible and affordable. Sadly we are still seeing reluctance from certain sectors to embrace the cloud, despite the favourable pricing, and all the benefits from moving ones servers and document storage off site.

With the continued demise of the postal service and ever increasing cost of fuel and distribution, companies are being forced to send all documents electronically to ensure they are paid. By utilising the services of CapiLink, customers are assured of SARS and ECT Act compliance and are no longer required to produce or send any documents manually.

CapiLink is no just a document management system that stores your delivery notes, invoices and statements in the cloud. We go a few extra steps to automatically link, distribute and track all documents being sent out to customers. Documents are auto emailed to the email address loaded into your accounting system. We seamlessly integrate into your system and auto generate the documents ensuring that your staff do not need to be worried about generating or saving documents to the cloud.

A key benefit for CapiLink customers is that their cash flow is not negatively affected by load shedding and their customers are able to access their invoices and supporting documents at all times directly from the face of the securely encrypted PDF. This ensures no delays in payments being received due to missing documents.

Do not get left behind. Contact us if you want to be part of the new movement to become paperless and safely move to the cloud.

Businesses aim to go paperless soon

Almost half of all businesses could go paperless in 2015, or have already done so. This is the surprising result from a survey conducted by document management solutions provider, Margolis.

While 30% of businesses believed that they could go paperless in 2015, 18,7% declared that they had done so already. Results still showed a small amount of animosity to embracing this change, as 6% of those surveyed said that they didn’t want to go paperless, but these results reflect a substantial shift for business practice and the document management industry on the whole.

Margolis’ data was further supported by results surrounding usage of the cloud. When asked how often they used the cloud, the majority of respondents (56% – all business owners), answering daily or more. This clearly demonstrates the significant rise in cloud usage in recent years and our growing dependency on being “connected” both at work and at home.

Margolis director Richard Shaw comments: “We are pleasantly surprised by the openness that we have seen from the businesses surveyed. The results show a much greater awareness of the advantages that paperless document management and storage can provide. Typically, there has been a great deal of reluctance towards the paperless office, due to the logistics involved, but that resistance seems to declining.

“To see businesses actively pursuing and having the ability to meet the goal of being paperless is an exciting time for our industry and reflects an understanding of the benefits of document management as a reliable business option.”

Posted by IT-Online

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