Linked Electronic
Document Delivery

Capilink is a specialised mass mailing service that will auto-email all documentation in secure LDF format to recipients that are flagged for email distribution. Any supporting documentation is automatically linked via interactive links on the face of the LDF document. If the recipient has a query on the supporting documentation they need only click on the supporting number to view the appropriate document. Recipient is not required to log in anywhere to view documentation. CapiLink provides full SARs and ECT Act Compliance for documents distributed.

CapiLink integrates into accounting systems and automatically reconciles to identify any documents not distributed to recipients.

All emails are traced and tracked providing a full audit trail of interaction with recipients. Exception reporting allows users to easily identify accounts without email addresses or errors in their captured addresses. Users are immediately notified of emails that bounce or are  deleted without being opened and reports can be pulled confirming email activity.

Christopher de ZeeuwCapiLink