Are your staff 

struggling to 

resolve customer 

queries while

working remotely?

Improve your business productivity with Capisol. Offering your company the following:

- Automated Emailing

- A platform for efficient business

- Secure documents in a digital space

- Automated Invoice distribution

This is not actually a new problem but the remotely working has definitely added some complexity. Let Capisol make business easy again with easy efficient digitisation.

Capisol provides access to documents remotely and securely, automatically linking related documents for ease of access anywhere and at any time. 

With just a click, your staff and clients can access the supporting documents for a transaction, making business processes easier and more efficient, and assisting to resolve customer queries instantly.

Customers no longer need to request copy invoices or POD’s as they have secure access to all open transactions by simply clicking on the PDF statement securely emailed to them. They can view or download all open documents on our secure, cloud based system.

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Capilink Benefits

Secure bulk emailing document distribution

Prevents interception of emails

Trace & Track provides a full audit trail of email

Responses routed to responsible internal source

Master data exception reporting

All supported documents are linked

Customers who trust Capisol

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