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Capisol provides the following solutions:

  • Scan documents to the cloud
  • POD scanning
  • Automated scanning
  • Proof of delivery management
  • Proof of delivery scanning
  • Automatic document linking

Does your warehouse have to manually scan in proof of deliveries one by one and your staff have to rename the files so finance can hope to find them later?

We find that this manual process can take a warehouse up to three hours a day to perform and even longer to manually reconcile what has been scanned or is potentially missing.

Capisol automates your document flow and allows easy and efficient scanning of proof of deliveries (POD Control) with batch scans and automatic indexing and linking to related documents.

Documents are stored securely in the cloud making them accessible with a click of a mouse from anywhere (POD Management).

Live reports ensure that a comprehensive list of missing documents is available immediately for efficient follow up before a customer raises a query and they delay payments to you.

Looking for the proof of delivery for an invoice? 

No problem… just click the link on the invoice and you’ve got it.

Easy, efficient and eliminating time wasted while saving you money.

What’s not to want?

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Capilink Benefits

Secure bulk emailing document distribution

Prevents interception of emails

Trace & Track provides a full audit trail of email

Responses routed to responsible internal source

Master data exception reporting

All supported documents are linked

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