Is your business feeling the effects of Covid-19?

Reduced working hours, reduced staff compliment and a need to improve efficiency within these ‘symptoms’

Capisol’s solution provides

  • The ability to create an efficient ‘digital workplace’
  • A ‘digital cabinet’ of all your documentation
  • Improved staff efficiency
  • An electronic document delivery service

Capisol is Covid free and always turns up for work 24/7 to handle your document processing and secure distribution. 

Capisol takes care of automatically emailing all required documents to your customers and reduces the admin of searching for related documents and sending these to clients - creating a digital business.


All related documents are linked and available securely at any time by all the necessary parties. No documents are lost and queries are reduced all day, everyday!

Full audit log of documents and activities are available at any time, ensuring that there are no excuses and everyone is accountable, including your customer to pay you on time.

Capisol digitises your document trail and provides easy efficient digitalization to your business processes.

Capilink Benefits

Secure bulk emailing document distribution

Prevents interception of emails

Trace & Track provides a full audit trail of email

Responses routed to responsible internal source

Master data exception reporting

All supported documents are linked

Clients that trust Capisol

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