Save Time & Money By
Moving To Electronic

CapiLink Offers a Unique Secure Emailed Document for your business.
Improve your Cash Flow and Decrease Customer Queries Today!!

Moving to Electronic Document Delivery is Simple

Optimize your time with CapiLink!

Interactive links afford you and your clients instant access to all supporting documents


Automatic email distribution to flagged recipients 

Automatic  reconciliation to identify any unallocated documents

Exception reporting to identify errors and missing email addresses 


Trace and Track functionality provides a full audit trail 

All documents processed in your ERP are automatically stored to the cloud


"This is without a doubt one of the most powerful tools in debtor management! Our debtors days reduced by close to 30% in less than 4 months"

LANDI YOUNG  //  Senior Credit Manager


"Before CapiLink was installed we actually had an extra head just to send invoices, statements and POD's to customers"

THULI NDLOVU  //  Debtors Supervisor

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