Jacques is the Technical Director of Capisol Software

And the main architect and developer of the Capisol platform software.

Few things about me

Holding an Honours degree in Informatics and Chemistry, Jacques has been passionate about business, computers and science from a very young age. He began his career in research chemistry, and – somewhat ironically – worked on the gases used in the manufacture of computer chips. Fuelled by an immense, life-long passion for technology and efficiency, he then left the chemistry lab behind, to pursue a career in IT.

Jacques joined a team of IT consultants, and together they created a solution methodology which enabled them to troubleshoot and deploy database management systems (specifically Pervasive SQL), which were used by most major ERP and accounting solutions at the time. These included ACCPACC, Great Plains, Macola, Solomons and Pastel products. The team quickly became the ‘go-to’ people for the industry, and their clients were the resellers of these solutions. As such, they gained valuable experience by working with other companies and learned from their success and failures.

The next step in their journey was solutions implementation and development – which ultimately lead to the creation of a retail management solution for a large customer. This was successfully implemented within their own clients, as well as for other Sage resellers throughout Africa. They quickly became a force to be reckoned with. The team won Sage South Africa’s developer of the year award, and soon after Sage South Africa offered to purchase their solution.

At Sage, Jacques focused on the further development of the retail solution and ultimately incorporated the Sage ERP X3 local development team, which experienced massive market growth. He still provides services to Sage around the retail solutions; as well as to many Sage business partners.

Jacques met Chris through a mutual contact and soon started providing software development and design advice to Capisol. Before long he took over all the software development and worked closely with the company to commission the software successfully at various clients. He recognised the company’s potential to be a game-changer in the South African business process automation space; and decided to invest in Capisol and take a share of the business, fulfilling the Solutions Architect role. His vast experience in ERP integrations and business processes -combined with lean footprint development experience – has empowered the team to develop powerful, efficient and robust solutions for their growing client base, while remaining small and agile at the same time.

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