I Feel Like Puking and That’s a Good Thing

I am about to finish the incredibly powerful course Mind Power with Robin Banks during which Robin has guided us through understanding the amazing power of our minds and thoughts. I came across this article below and thought it very appropriate for my post this week as I attend the last session with Robin on Tuesday evening. I have not been fortunate to accomplish my goals yet this year but I have accomplished a whole stack and definitely have not given up. Whilst my goals do terrify me and make me feel decidedly sick at times I firmly believe in where I am taking the company and the team we are building.

Very important point is to aim for those big dreams, bigger than you think normally possible, but most importantly is to give yourself credit and recognition on the journey cause while you are aiming high one often forgets how far you have come.
To take one of the many quotes from Robin –  “My thoughts, My words, My actions”  when these three are aligned great things will happen.

So dream it, speak and most importantly – DO IT!


I Feel Like Puking and That’s a Good Thing

Author: Gabe Arnold
Are you setting goals that are high enough? I have a simple test for you: Does your goal make you nervous? Does it make you so excited, or scared, or wound up that your stomach hurts and you want to puke? If it doesn’t make you nervous, maybe your goal isn’t high enough. Maybe you are playing it too safe. So you understand how I’ve applied this principle, I am going to share with you my goals for the year.

My Goals:

This year I decided that I was going to:

  1. Open a new company in a brand new industry
  2. Double revenue in both of my existing companies
  3. Become a better manager

I also have some very specific step by step objectives that relate to those main goals. As I write this to you now, there is still a nervous and sick feeling in my stomach about fully accomplishing those goals. That’s something that I feel about half the time throughout the week, and I have for years, every time I think about my goals. I cherish those feelings, and rather than let them keep me from accomplishing my goals, I use those feelings to help me do the following:

  1. Take action on a daily basis to help me push through and taste success in small ways every day. Progress is success – not arrival.
  2. Remind me of how serious my goals are.
  3. Keep me humble and vulnerable so I can keep learning from everyone around me.

As I write this, I am halfway through the year and I have already accomplished two of my goals. Now I am working hard to take things to the next level and improve upon the basic accomplishments I have made.

Are Your Goals High Enough?

That’s why I am writing this for you today, to make you really sit back and consider if your goals are high enough. Think about it for a minute. What if you set a goal like I did, to double sales this year. What would be the worst thing that could happen? You could achieve 25% or 50% of your goal and not fully double sales. That wouldn’t be so terrible, would it? Here’s the truth though – if you set safe goals like, “Let’s grow 10%,” then you will never have the opportunity to see how far you can really go. So do your goals give you a little sick feeling? Are you scared about what success might look like if you do achieve that big goal? Are you really setting aggressive goals that are going to help you grow in a big way? You know the answers to those questions, not me, but don’t let yourself off the hook. Set a BIG goal and then go after with a clear plan that has daily actions included. Even though it makes you nervous – you’ll be glad that you took a leap of faith and set the goal. Just imagine how you’ll be feeling a year from today when you’ve made such amazing progress on such a large goal.



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