Paperless, new future?

by Dev Prycision on October 21, 2020 Comments Off on Paperless, new future?

It’s not the first time you’ve heard the idea – a paperless business. It’s been on the tip of every business owner’s tongue for some time now, and with COVID becoming a sudden reality and changing the way we work as a whole, paperless business has become all the more real and an undeniable way of moving forward. 

It’s the future; the way to revolutionise and digitise how businesses operate and communicate for the better, and here’s why we think so:

  • Saves Money | Overhead costs are reduced by not having to purchase paper and related equipment (i.e. printing and filling materials). These, along with servicing costs and storage costs have become an increasing and demanding expensive for businesses, one that can be removed completely. 
  • Saves Time | Time is something we can never get back but going paperless empowers your employees to be more efficient. An average of 25% of employee time is taken up simply searching, sending and refiling documents each month. Gain all this time back from your workforce by eliminating the hassle of manually filing, reconciling document records and subsequent searching for paperwork. Going paperless frees up time to spend on more valuable, essential and enjoyable tasks. This translates to a more positive work environment and morale, and therefore increased business profitability.
  • Improves Communication | Communicating digitally, whether in the form of a secure email contract, agreement, proposal, document, etc., is far quicker, easier and more effective than ever before and empowers your customer. What’s more, without the paperwork, business can be done from anywhere in the world, making for smarter, quicker business processes and office operations.
  • Reduces Waste | There’s not much we need to say here. There’s no doubt that paperless business will result in a huge reduction in the amount of paper used by businesses worldwide. This translates to positive effects for our environment, as well as reduces our carbon footprints as businesses.
  • Frees Up Space | Going paperless means there’s no need for unnecessary filing cabinets, printing equipment and storage space crowding offices. Freeing up space allows for professional, neater and more productive office environments.
  • On Trend | Digitalisation in general is the way forward. Most daily tasks can conveniently be done online; banking, booking reservations and trips, ordering takeout, learning, chatting to friends and family, reading; even grocery shopping can now be done online. So why not business? More than this, however, we’ve got smarter homes, smarter cars, smarter schools, smarter apps; it’s only apt that smarter businesses are next.
  • Offers Better Security | With most business documents containing confidential or private information, digital ‘paperwork’ offers a more secure form of communicating and operating, with less chance of security breaches. What’s more, it also allows for effective back ups meaning damaged and lost documentation is no longer a concern.

Going paperless is without a doubt the way forward. Digitising your business and embracing a paperless way of working not only has immense environmental benefits, but is a financially sound decision that empowers your employees, engages your customers and optimises  processes to improve on productivity and reduce the hassle of manual administration and documentation management.

Let us make the transition a convenient one for you. Our systems are in place and we’re ready to take your business to a paperless operation quickly and effectively. 

Dev PrycisionPaperless, new future?