Prime Your Business For Gold

Whether we’re talking Olympics or business, being the best requires attention to detail.

During the Olympics, I was intrigued at how the margins between the top placing athletes was often minuscule, by only a milliseconds, grams or centimetres.

The best of the best pay attention to detail. When one looks at their equipment it is amazing to see that they consider each and every item as a key component to their success. I have heard of runners cutting their shoe laces in half to save those few extra grams. Cyclists weigh every component on their bikes to ensure they have the lightest possible equipment. Swimmers shave off all of their body hair to become a fraction more streamlined as they cut through the water.

This mindset applies in business as well. If you want to be the best in your game and only a few factors separate the top achievers, shouldn’t you be considering how to streamline all aspects of your business and operations?

When last did you look at all your business components and critically analyse each one to optimise it for best in class performance? Admin and finance is hardly as exciting as athletic brilliance but it sits at the heart of your business and impacts your performance. Implementing the best documentation solutions can make as much of a difference as selecting the best people to drive your business forward.

If you want to improve your accounts and debtors department efficiency by 25-30%, which will lead to improved customer service and stronger cash flows, contact us to see how moving to Linked Electronic Document Delivery with cloud storage can help you achieve gold.