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Scan supporting documents from anywhere direct to the cloud where Capisol will auto-split the batches and efficiently link each document to the relevant invoice. The system will auto process batches that can be validated and only exceptions will be highlighted for management in an queue in the cloud portal.  

Optimise your warehouse and POD management with this powerful scanning engine.



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Scan from any location

Scan in batches & automatically split into individual pages

Batch scanning, auto-splitting and index functionality

Cloud based scanning engine

No software installation required

POD’s are auto-matched
with invoices

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Integrated directly, seamlessly and securely into your accounting system, Capisol auto-generates all your financial documents directly from your ERP system and archives these in the cloud.

All documents are distributed securely to vendors from Capisol, with the ability to click directly on a document to access the necessary invoice, POD or supporting document stored on the Capisol cloud, resulting in less queries and faster payments.

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Secure bulk emailing document distribution

Prevents interception of emails

Trace & Track functionality provides a full audit trail of email

Responses routed to responsible internal source

Master data exception reporting

All supported documents are linked

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At the core of Capisol is a secure cloud based document management system that provides easy, efficient digitalisation to handle all your document requirements and enables you to empower employees, engage customers and optimise business processes!

All documents are stored directly and securely in the cloud, allowing scanned and linked docs to be accessed from anywhere.

With this solution, your office becomes completely paperless and compliant with data protection, tax and storage regulations.

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Secure, cloud-based document storage

Access from anywhere

5 year storage period (can be extended)

Exception reporting (missing delivery notes)

Integrates to onsite system via Capilink

User controlled access at document level

Complex indexing & cross referencing

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A digital signature workflow that digitises any process that requires an electronic document to be approved or legally signed.

Documents can be manually uploaded and flows created or automatically generated through integration to the ERP system.

Capisol address book enables fast and easy creation of flows without having to capture approver or signer details each time.

Users can approve or sign documents electronically direct from their computer or a mobile. It’s safe, secure, and legally binding. No need to ever print a document again whether you’re in an office, at home or on-the-go.

Dashboards provide traceability of the document in the flow within or outside of your
organization and all final signed documents are auto archived within the cloud.

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Legally sign documents digitally on any device
View, approve & sign within one flow – inside or outside your organisation
Auto-archiving of signed documents
Dashboards to track document process
Easily send reminders for people to action a document
Auto send quotes & purchase orders from your ERP for signature
Full audit trail of user interaction
No printing or scanning of contracts
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Capisol’s powerful integrated Electronic Proof of Delivery, automatically loads all deliveries onto a planning board in the cloud to facilitate delivery planning and driver allocation. Trip sheets can be printed summarizing the required deliveries for the drivers.

Planned deliveries are pushed to the drivers mobile device which enables signing on the mobile device and automatic upload and linking to related documents stored on Capisol.

The APP can operate off line without signal and everything will automatically sync to the cloud once the driver has signal .

No more printing of delivery notes or waiting for the truck to return with the documents for scanning. Eliminate searching for missing delivery notes.

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Delivery planning & scheduling
Electronic delivery notes pushed to a drivers mobile device
Multiple signatures per document
Automatic syncing back to Capisol
Instant notification of completed deliveries
No printing or scanning of delivery notes
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Improve your cash-flow by automating your credit to cash cycle by leveraging the easy efficiency within the Capisol cloud.

Still in development this exciting new feature will leverage all the services within the cloud to significantly assist users to collect their cash within terms and automate many of the processes within the credit control monthly process.

Features will include:
Document details shown on HTML sent to customer
Links for payment gateways and consolidated payment options
Visibility of payment status of invoices in the Capisol portal with ability to filter documents based on this
Enhanced dashboards
Options to auto re-send outstanding invoices
Configurable payment reminders that are auto emailed to customers
Automated letters of demand or suspension

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Filter on payment status of invoices
Auto re-send outstanding documents
Send payment reminders to customers
Track customer responses from within Capisol portal
Integration to payment gateways for consolidated payments
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Configurable web and mobile forms enable you to engage with your vendors to gather data. Integration into data warehouses provides easy efficiency for the vendor and allows for the forms to be auto populated so they do not have to recapture standard fields.

Vendors securely upload required documents direct into Capisol on the forms and are driven by controls on the form to ensure all required documents are submitted before the form is completed. All uploaded documents are archived automatically in Capisol against the vendor account.

Dashboards allow users to track vendor progress and users receive email notifications when forms are complete and ready for review in the cloud.

Data captured onto a form can be merged into a contract automatically and integration with SIGN allows the contract to distributed for digital signature.

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Customisable forms created in the Capisol portal
Internal use or for circulation to an external customer / supplier
Viewable on any mobile device or via the web
Integrated with data warehouses to auto populate fields
Merge data fields into a document to auto create a contract
Requested documents uploaded directly into Capisol portal via the form
Channels are encrypted and secured via Capisol SSL certificates
Integrated with flow to react to input data
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Integration into mobile gateways allows documents to be efficiently delivered direct to consumers mobile devices via sms. Capisol can delivery documents on email, mobile or both depending on the client requirements.

Documents delivered via SMS are sent with a link which opens up the document for the user to view directly on their phone within the Capisol cloud. All documents have the Capisol links to related documents so there is no need for customers to query any charges.

Additional options can be added for the user to settle the invoice immediately by linking into payment gateways for instant EFT or credit card payment.

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Intelligent mobile communication direct to devices
Send document links via sms
Seamlessly integrated with Doc for recipients to view documents securely
Options for payment gateways for easy payments of invoices
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The Flow engine manages the life-cycle of your documents and data providing visibility and control over your document processes. Working in the background continually, this engine links all services on the Capisol platform and provides seamless integration for the users.

This configurable engine allows for automation of processes and alerts to improve staff efficiency to reduce user process time.

Automatic alerts can be sent within or outside the organization prompting a user for
interaction with the system – review a form; upload a revised expired contract.

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Configurable workflow to manage documents and forms
Trigger notifications for users to interact with documents / processes
Provides visibility and traceability of documents in a process
Facilitates the automation of any document process
Easily re-send notifications or request for action
Significantly reduce business process time

Capisol utilises a secure software cloud platform which integrates seamlessly into the customer IT systems (including SageX3 & Sage300) to ensure the data security and integrity of the clients systems is maintained.

Through digitalisation Capisol aims to solve and adds value to:
• Cash collection processes
• Proof-of-delivery (POD) management
• Staff efficiency
• Contracts management
• Document security
• Compliance

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World Class Customer Support

Our solution is customised to your company’s requirements and we will never leave you alone in your digialisation process. We offer consistent support to ensure that your document management is easy and effiecient


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