credit management

CapiLink – Linking invoices to increase cash flow

The quicker, better and smarter way to interact with clients. SA postage is by no measure cheap, with a stamp currently priced at R3.05 – and sadly no guarantee that the envelope will be delivered to the rightful recipient, if … Read More

Consumer Credit Index Up Slightly In Q3

The Consumer Credit Index (CCI) shows credit health deteriorated at a slower pace in the third quarter compared to the second quarter of 2014, credit and information management company TransUnion said on Wednesday. The CCI increased from 48.9 in the … Read More

I Feel Like Puking and That’s a Good Thing

I am about to finish the incredibly powerful course Mind Power with Robin Banks during which Robin has guided us through understanding the amazing power of our minds and thoughts. I came across this article below and thought it very … Read More

Email 101

For someone who went through school and varsity without an email address I hope that these basic lessons below have now been added to the curriculum for all students.  It is crazy how exponentially the volume of information and data … Read More

These two emails can save you 20 hours a week

Most of us would love to work less hours but still be productive. I have definitely experienced that a team with aligned goals and expectations increases productivity and tends to decreased wasted time for all parties. Whilst the recommendation in … Read More

The story in your customers bank overdraft

Most often when assessing a customer for a potential credit limit I used to look at the balance sheet and the various working capital ratios and base my decision on these inputs. If these were favourable, company had been in … Read More