The Golden Process of Cash Collections

The Golden Process of Cash Collections For businesses, an essential part of successful operation and growth is ensuring that customer payments are collected timeously. Without customer payments, a business will cease to exist. A successful organization collects more than it … Read More

Paving the road to digital transformation

Paving the road to digital transformation The go live date for POPIA has come and gone but it does not mean you can forget about ongoing compliance. There may have been some questions and frustrations as to why we needed … Read More

What is POPI or POPIA

What is POPI or POPIA and what does it mean for me?   The terms have been used frequently over the past few years but there is great confusion over what it entails and what the difference between the two … Read More

Paperless business, the future?

It’s not the first time you’ve heard the idea – a paperless business. It’s been on the tip of every business owner’s tongue for some time now, and with COVID becoming a sudden reality and changing the way we work … Read More

Prime Your Business For Gold

Whether we’re talking Olympics or business, being the best requires attention to detail. During the Olympics, I was intrigued at how the margins between the top placing athletes was often minuscule, by only a milliseconds, grams or centimetres. The best … Read More

5 Lessons From 5 Inspirational Women During Women’s Month

Last Tuesday, Tania Habimana attended an intimate conversation with leading young women at the Atholl Place hotel in Johannesburg. Here’s the lowdown on the top 5 lessons I learnt from these wonderful strong women. 1. “You must figure out who … Read More

Rio 2016: The most inspiring Olympics’ stories so far

From the team of refugees to the rugby player who recovered from a broken neck and beat cancer, these are some of the most inspiring stories of the Games so far.  While the Olympics is always good for making you … Read More

I Feel Like Puking and That’s a Good Thing

I am about to finish the incredibly powerful course Mind Power with Robin Banks during which Robin has guided us through understanding the amazing power of our minds and thoughts. I came across this article below and thought it very … Read More

Are the winds of change blowing?

I have changed positions quite a lot myself during my career – mostly within the same company but I found that I was never in the same role for more than two years until I finally made it to Financial … Read More

These two emails can save you 20 hours a week

Most of us would love to work less hours but still be productive. I have definitely experienced that a team with aligned goals and expectations increases productivity and tends to decreased wasted time for all parties. Whilst the recommendation in … Read More