The Golden Process of Cash Collections

The Golden Process of Cash Collections

For businesses, an essential part of successful operation and growth is ensuring that customer payments are collected timeously. Without customer payments, a business will cease to exist. A successful organization collects more than it spends. 

The collections department of organisations will work tirelessly at following up on outstanding accounts and trying to collect the owed funds – and the excuses are endless. Have you ever heard ‘I didn’t receive the invoice’, ‘where is the PO for this order’, ‘Please send me the proof of delivery’ – these are some of the regular excuses made for lack of payment. 

One of the easiest ways to secure the collection of owed monies is to guarantee that the customer has received the invoice sent and can easily find the supporting documents related to the account to make payment. This is the golden process Capisol ensures. 

Our cloud solution provides full delivery and exception reporting on invoices sent through Capisol – complete with links on the statement to supporting documents accessible by a simple click. Excuses are eliminated by our full track and trace functionality – when the invoice is sent – you can see when it’s been viewed and opened – it is as simple as that. 

Not only does Capisol solve cash collection issues, but the solution also serves to digitalize your business. Our no-capex system is cloud-based and encrypted to ensure data protection. 

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