Tips for Employee Motivation during Winter

At this time of year, the winter blues can start dragging on employee morale and productivity so it’s important to consider employee motivation. The lack of sunlight and long hours spent indoors can lead to a tired, sluggish workforce. Here are a few ideas to energize and motivate employees:

Get People Moving. Exercise has been shown to improve productivity, so encourage movement during the day. A walk outside can add the mood-boosting power of natural sunlight, but even laps around the halls of the office can be energizing. Consider bringing in a fitness instructor or implementing a contest rewarding the greatest number of steps recorded each week.

Offer Healthy Ways to Recharge. Staying hydrated supports focus and productivity so keep plenty of water on hand (this is especially important during dry winter months). Make fruits and vegetables and high-protein snacks available, too.

Bring the Outdoors In. Invest in some plants and open blinds to let in daylight – these natural elements can help beat the blahs and break the monotony of long, cold, dark months.

Think Spring. Remind everyone that it’s not too far off—get ready with an early spring cleaning. Freshening up the office can create a fresh attitude.