Why every business should use Cloud based storage

Why should your business switch to cloud based computing?

Once upon a time, who would have thought that email would replace snail mail? Now cloud based computing is doing the same when it comes to data storage and sharing. All data functions are switching to simple cloud based operations and those who are afraid to follow suit will be left behind. Any company seeking a competitive vantage within its industry must have an immense cloud presence.

If you’re still wondering why you should go the cloud way, let’s explore some of the benefits.

Cloud based computing improves communication efficiency

As a company grows, staying in touch with current and former customers is just as important as communicating with newly acquired customers. This helps to ensure that old longstanding customers are not lost as new ones sign on so continual and steady growth is maintained. The fastest and most efficient way to achieve this is through the cloud. Cloud based computing offers instant and accessible data sharing with only the right people at exactly the right time.

Ease of operation

It’s not only about how easy you make it for your customers, but also how easy you make it for your staff. Document sharing via a cloud based system eases the burden of physical operations management. Whether your company has several branches in different locations or a large number of departments under one roof, the cloud eliminates silos and helps everyone work from the same page.

Efficient marketing

Digital marketing is the new black. Traditional marketing methods demanded too much time allocation and costs were exorbitant – you have to wonder if they were often more detrimental than helpful to companies. A connected, cloud based marketing drive can deepen relations with customers at every point and can integrate the value chain completely.

Going cloud based means reducing IT and operational costs

The cloud significantly reduces IT expenses because, instead of buying costly business equipment, one can use the resources provided by a cloud service provider. Operational costs are reduced because you need less staff and your wage bill drops. Business research shows that financial departments that have integrated cloud based systems in their operations have reported a significant reduction in spend as opposed to those that have not. As a bonus, energy usage expenses are also reduced as a company embraces the cloud way of business.

Cloud based computing impacts communication, operations, marketing and business costs. Do you want to be left behind in the dark age of yesterday, or is it time to show your customers that you’re growing your business and leading your industry?

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